Welcome to Creative Writing

For this class, you will need these supplies:

  • Pen/Pencil
  • Chromebook/School Account
  • A writer’s notebook – This should be a durable notebook you feel good about and plan to use ONLY for creative writing; it will be a container for your warm ups, your favorite passages, your notes, your ideas. I recommend using a full-sized notebook, as it will better fit the various things you need to paste in it, but I know the power of a half-sized Moleskine notebook to call your name. We’ll make it work.

May 19, 22, 23 Presentations

  • Friday: James, Atrill, Michaela, Jacari, Luna, Javoni
  • Monday: Charlie, Josh, Sta, Jsutice W, Zoe, Mia
  • Tuesday: Jene, Ashlyn, Olivia, Abby, Tabitha, Adeline, Logan

Anyone we don’t get to will move to the next day; juniors take lowest priority, since they have five extra days.

5/15-18 Portfolio Work

Today we’ll begin our Portfolio Work. Essentially, you’ll be revising your work and putting together a slide show about it that you’ll present to our class. The rubric (how it will be graded) is attached in the link I’ve posted, so read carefully!

Tuesday I’ll offer you a sample portfolio and presentation for the reflective portfolio AND for the publication portfolio.

I’ll also offer you a list of common strengths/weaknesses/commonalities to use if you’re writing the reflective portfolio.

5/10-12 – Literary Citizenship

Before we move on to revisions and portfolios, we’re going to take a few days to talk about the Three R’s of literary citizenship.  You’ll have an assignment for each “R,” and that assignment is detailed on the slideshow I’ve linked.

Wednesday: We’ll discuss a rationale for citizenship and focus on the first R: Reading.

Thursday: We’ll talk about the second R: Relationships

Friday: We’ll talk about the third R: Recommending & Reviewing.