31 August 2011

Today we started our first “real” unit: Poetry. We’ll actually get to spend a week on writing and a week on workshop!

For now, though, we need to get a sense of what is possible in poetry. Your mission: read the poets I’ve provided and write about them in your MasterWorks Journal.

1. Find four individual poems by four different authors–these need to be poems you like. For each of these, write a MasterWorks Journal entry using your MW Journal prompts.
2. Then, read 5-15 poems by ONE author. Write a style entry in which you identify the things the poems have in common, the kinds of things that define that poet’s style (see sample).
3. Do #2 again with a different poet.

Yields: SIX journal entries and a good sense of what you like and might want to imitate in the poems you write next week!

All SIX MW Journals are due Tuesday at the beginning of class.


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