Final Two Weeks

Today we’ll meet in the lab so I can introduce your portfolio activity and you can get started.  The requirements and rubric are also available for you to look at on a Google Doc: Creative Writing Portfolio & Presentation Guidelines and Rubric.  That way you can click on links rather than typing them in if you want to see examples.

I’m also including a sample “Power Point”–though it’s actually a Google Docs Presentation:  SAMPLE Creative Writing Portfolio & Presentation.

  • Note that the slides are relatively plain.  For example, the revision slide just has the stanza as it was originally and then the stanza as I revised it.  That’s because there is a HUGE difference between what is on the SLIDE and what I plan to TALK about when I present.  When I present that slide, I’ll discuss the problems in the original stanza, how I solved those problems, why the solution is an improvement, and the new problems I see in the revised stanza.  Students who choose to simply read what they have on their slides can earn a maximum of 60% on their portfolio presentation.
  • Note that regarding the strengths and weaknesses, you may take one of two different approaches.  (1)  You may simply want to make a list of the strengths/weaknesses, and perhaps include 1-2 examples.  With this option, you’ll be on the same slide for a long time during the presentation, discussing each weakness/strength.  (2) You may want a slide for each strength/weakness with an example so that you can explain more easily. With this option, you’ll be moving through your slides a lot more quickly.
  • Finally, note that there is a link to the creative piece.  This would work, for example, if the piece was on YouTube.  If you do a comic strip, you may instead want to scan in each frame and make each frame a separate slide so that we can see it clearly during the presentation.  Or, you may have another way of scanning in the material for presentation.  Regardless, it needs to be an integral part of the slide show.

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