5 March 2012

Today is our first day in the lab.  We’ll start by formatting your Freewriting document and your Style Log document together.  Then we’ll do a short freewrite (five minutes rather than our usual ten).

The rest of the period is yours to begin working.  Your work today MUST include taking the freewriting quiz.

After that, you may begin work on your genre:

  • Style Log entries
  • Creative Work Options

And let me take this moment to make sure everyone is clear about due-dates.  Every time we have a lab week, you have a creative assignment due that Friday. The choice of which assignment is up to you, based on which genre you’re studying.  This means

  • You have creative work due THIS FRIDAY.
  • You may need to do some of your reading and style log entries at home, so that you have more time to write and get feedback in class.

Also, as a reminder, the instructions for the assignments are in your packets:

If you’re studying…                     Then the assignment is on…

  • Flash fiction                            Page 20 (help pages start on page 21, after examples)
  • Memoir/NonFiction                 Page 24 (help pages available starting on page 27)
  • Poetry                                     Page 30 (help pages available pages 33 & 34)
  • Fiction                                     Page 36

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