6 March 2012

Today we’ll be in the lab again.  I’m passing out a new version of the schedule that has an explanation for the 2-week cycles at the top.  I hope this will be useful in clarifying the process–though I think it’s normal to be uncertain this early in the trimester!

So what’s due on Friday?

  1. I will check in two style log entries during class.
  2. Your creative work for the unit you chose is due by the end of the period.*
What’s our homework over spring break?  Every time you write a creative piece, you are responsible for writing a style log entry about it.  I recommend that you write the style log entry over the weekend after a lab week so it’s fresh in your mind.  In this case, it’s a LONG “weekend,” (week) so you should write it at some  point over your break.  

* I am advising you to choose FLASH FICTION because your style logs are easier AND because your actual writing is shorter.  It will make things easier for you this first time out–remember we didn’t have a chance to get a full week in the classroom; we didn’t start until Wednesday!  🙂


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