Weeks 1 & 2

Well, creative writer types, we did it! We’ve finished our week of quick, short assignments. It’s been a pleasure working with you so far, and I’m excited about what’s next.

Next week we’ll meet in the lab all week. We’ll have three jobs:

  • Complete one 10-minute freewrite every day. These will be turned in at the end of the trimester. The rubric I use to evaluate them is in your booklet.
  • Type up your short assignments. You may use the short formatting template I’ve provided by logging into Google and then clicking on the link. When the link opens go to FILE and then MAKE A COPY. Change the name of the file so that you know what it is.
  • Write your Memoir, based on your showing moment. Remember you’re focusing on SHOWING not telling and again, you may use the memoir formatting template I’ve provided.

Quick reminder that you are REQUIRED to conference with me at some point during each lab week. There is no other way for me to measure how much your doing in terms of revision and re-thinking.


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