Friday Routines

Fellow writers, this post is just to remind you about our Friday lab routine. It is the same for EVERY lab week. You have known about it from the FIRST day of class. It is on your syllabus, in your book, and I’ve said it about nine hundred times. But here goes…

  • Your writing assignment is always due on the Friday of a lab week. No. Matter. What. You’ve had the assignments and due dates since I gave you your books, so even if you’re absent, you know exactly what you need to do in PLENTY of advance notice.
  • No late work will get feedback. I have to give the packet to the copy center with a 24 hour school day window to get the copies back in time. So I give them away immediately after seeing you.
  • Without feedback, you will not be able to succeed on your portfolio (20% of your grade).
  • For students with 504 plans or IEPs, we will work out an arrangement for a shorter, on-time assignment rather than using extended time.

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