Revision & Choice Week

This week is set aside for two tasks:

  1. Use the comments you’ve received in workshop to revise your pieces. Yes, all of them. While you will have some time during our portfolio week, you’ll mostly want those pieces ready to just include the before/after in the slides so you can focus on the presentation and slide show you’re required to do for your portfolio.
  2. Write one new piece in your choice of genre. You may want to revisit something we’ve already done like poetry or memoir or fiction–or you may want to try something entirely different like a script or vignettes or personal essay.

ONE of the completed, revised pieces and your new piece are due (printed in one continuous document with page numbers and your last name at the top) by FRIDAY of this week. Yes, this may mean you need to work at home a little more this week than usual. I have confidence that you can do it, though. You are a determined, talented group of young writers.

Also, please note that I will be collecting your free writes in about a week, probably on the first day of the next time we’re in the lab. I will not give you any more notice than that.


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