8/27 – Character Sketches

Forgive me for missing the fourth day of school! We had an emergency following my dad’s surgery. I’ll be back at CHS Friday (wearing red and white, of course).

Today Ms. Bjelland asked you to

  1. Work with a partner to offer feedback on your “showing not telling” pieces. In particular, identify any part of the scene that does not meet one of the four criteria (direct action, direct dialogue, character thought, and imagery).
  2. Write a script of a dialogue between two characters with no more than three stage directions. Your job is to make the characters distinct from each other. For an AWESOME sample of this (though one that’s R-Rated), take a listen to this piece by a former student.
  3. Type up all your short assignments in one document. I’ll show you how to format and print these tomorrow–but there wont’ be much more TYPING time!

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