8/31 – Introduction to Workshop

Today we’re going to talk about what makes for a good workshop. Basically, we’ll review the material that’s on the Workshop (Critique) tab at the top of this page, including

  1. Ground Rules & Guidelines for Workshop – this includes a list of 15 questions that you can use to give feedback when you’re feeling stuck about what to say.
  2. We’ll watch Sarah Green’s video about the Etiquette of Critique.
  3. And I highly recommend you take a look at Shannon Hale’s Five Steps of giving feedback.

Then we’ll practice workshopping on one of my poems.

I’ll pass out the packets of work. Your job is to read and comment on the piece that each writer starred (if they didn’t star one, you can just comment on the first one in their group of pieces). Tomorrow we’ll have our first round of workshop in person. My guess is we’ll get through about seven-eight people each day, so please be prepared to talk about at least that many.


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