9/10 – Poetry Writing & Mini Lesson on “Juxtaposition”

Today we will have writing day for most of the period, following a short lesson on juxtaposition.

Juxtaposition happens when two opposite things are placed near each other, and their placement informs how we see those things in a new or unusual light. Sometimes this happens in poems that free associate.

We explored juxtaposition in a poem by Jennifer MacBain-Stephens called “all that glitters.”

Reminder that your poems (all of them) are due TOMORROW by the end of the class period. Anyone who does not meet this deadline will not be able to get their pieces workshopped. I made lots of exceptions last week because it was our first round, but the days of nice nice are over. BE an adult and meet your deadline, or experience the consequences of not getting feedback.

If you’re not going to be in class tomorrow, you’re welcome to email me your poems as a single document or share the Google Doc with me.


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