9/14-18 – Workshop Week – UPDATED w/MORE mentor text info

Class Time

It’s a workshop week, loves! This means we’ll stick to a familiar routine in class:


You will be working with FICTION mentor texts to prepare for our next unit (next week). This is a little different than poetry. I still want you to find 3-5 short stories from the journals list or from books in the LMC (yes, you can use books for this, even novels if you’d like to).

Instead of pasting the WHOLE thing in your journal and annotating the whole thing (which would take FOREVER and be sloppy and unsatisfying, I’d like you to annotate some specific chunks of the stories:

  • Choose 2 of the beginnings
  • Choose 2 of the endings
  • Choose 1-2  sections of  descriptions (character or scene)
  • Choose 1-2 conversations between characters

Basically, that’s a total of 6-8 things that you’ll paste in your writer’s notebook.

Then you’ll annotate the stuff you’ve put in your writer’s notebook. Again, you’re focusing on craft–how is the writer handling the beginning, ending, description, dialogue. How might that inform how YOU handle it in your work? What questions do you have about how the author did that?

You can see what this might look like below (pre-annotations! I haven’t done the actual annotations yet). You can click to enlarge the particular photo if you want to see the visual more closely.

IMG_2950 IMG_2951 IMG_2949

What I did is also described here– in words instead of pictures:

  • I cut up three different stories–I used the beginning from one, the beginning + dialogue from another one, descriptions from two different ones, endings from two different ones, and dialogue from one.
  • I pasted all the pieces I’d taken from one particular story on the same page/set of pages.
  • I wrote down the title of the story, the author, and the name of the journal I took it from at the top.
  • I identified which part of the story each section was so that I’d remember when I sat down to annotate.

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