9/21 – Starting our Fiction Week

This week we’ll start our Fiction Writing Week. (<– that’s a link to your actual assignment, including page limits and starter ideas).

For this assignment, you are required to use Google docs THROUGH our Google Classroom portal for the assignment (i.e. you have to use your SCHOOL ACCOUNT)  for the assignment. Google Classroom ensures the formatting is correct (the document is already created for you) and it also ensures that your work will be available to the instructors even if you are absent on the day it is due. Yay!  🙂

Each day we’ll have a mini-lesson, as we always do during writing weeks. This week, our mini-lessons will focus on key areas or useful skills in fiction writing.

Of course the number one skill is to SHOW rather than TELL, and you’ve had lots of practice on that, but just in case you need a refresher, we’ve linked the material here for you.

Today’s mini lesson with Ms. Bjelland will focus on what makes a strong beginning for a fiction piece (whether it’s a short story or the start of a novel). You can reference the beginnings from your mentor texts or these beginnings from miscellaneous books in the LMC.


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