9/28-10/2 – Workshop Week

In class

As expected, we’ll workshop your fiction this week. 🙂 Ms. Bjelland will lead the workshop and I’ll participate.


For this week, you should be working to find some examples of creative non-fiction (lyric essays, vignettes, and memoirs) for your mentor texts.

Find three different pieces that you like from the journals. Choose the beginning paragraph of one, the ending paragraph of another, and a middle paragraph from the third.

Paste each paragraph that you selected into your writer’s notebooks (so you’ll have three paragraphs total). Annotate those paragraphs, as we’ve discussed. Figure out what makes those paragraphs work–what are the “rules” the writer seems to be following or what “tricks” does the writer use to make the writing shimmer? What lines stand out to you as particularly well done? What’s the voice, tone, or style like for the paragraphs you selected?

I’m going to recommend some specific samples in case you feel stuck–you do not HAVE to use these, but I am providing them pre-labled with the KIND of creative non-fiction it is so you can use them if they’re helpful.

  1. Sample Memoir 1
  2. Sample Memoir 2
  3. Sample Vignettes 1
  4. Sample Vignettes 2
  5. Lyric Essay Sample 1

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