10/12 – 10/16 Workshop and Mentor Texts – all about revision

We’ll be workshopping your creative non-fiction this week. In the meantime, I’m asking you to do an unusual mentor text assignment.

First, read the following handouts about revision:

Then take a look at the four sample revision texts that I’m copying for you (will pass out on Tuesday). Note I cannot post these on the blog as it constitutes publication. Sorry.

For your annotations, describe what the author changed and why it’s an improvement.For each PAGE I expect a minimum of three annotations. Your annotations need to be complete thoughts, not simply “description” or “more dialogue.”

If you’d prefer to write a paragraph of 5+ sentences at the end of each piece rather than annotating them, that is an acceptable alternative.

You can see a sample of what I’m expecting below. Notice that this piece is in PROCESS of being annotated, it’s not finished! One annotation is in the middle of a thought.



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