10/19-23 — Revision Week

Writers, I’m sorry not to be there with you Monday morning. I injured my back this weekend and have been laid up since Saturday afternoon with pain/not able to walk very well (my kids tell me I look like a penguin).

Today begins your revision week. This is your chance to take ALL the pieces you’ve workshopped and revise them based on the feedback you got from me, Ms. Bjelland, and your peers. Note that this means you will not be revising ALL your short assignments or ALL your poems, merely whichever of them we workshopped.

My expectation is that you will make a COPY of your document and revise the COPY. I’d like to be able to see BOTH the original AND the revision when you hand them in.

YES: conferencing is necessary. Ms. Bjelland AND I will both be available, though obviously I’m NOT available today.

NO: handing us your computer and saying “is this better?” is not a conference.

And some quick reminders about the difference between REVISION (what I expect out of this week) and EDITING (which I also expect):

Revise vs. Edit

revision vs. editing Amanda Patterson


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