Workshop Minis & Start Portfolios

This week you’ll have mini-workshops over the revisions you did. Your job is to notice three things:

  1. What changes the writer made
  2. Which changes work and why
  3. Which changes don’t work and why

Writers should be sure to ask questions. For example, “I tried to include more showing here, is that working? You didn’t comment on that.”

In terms of your Portfolio, the instructions are here. You may choose Option A OR Option B. and the sample portfolio is here.

In addition, I have created templates.


  1. If any links above are broken or incorrect, feel free to access them under Quick Docs tab.
  2. If you are doing option B, the I Get Etiquette and Sample Materials (cover letter, biographical statement) are here for you.
  3. If you are stuck for how to identify strengths and weaknesses, here are some common ones.

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