3/7 Poetry Round Table

Today we’ll talk about the poems you annotated. Ideally, I’d like each person to talk about a green line they identified in the poem and then we’ll talk about why that green line works so well.

Then we’ll talk about the rest of what you found in your annotations.

HOWEVER, that didn’t work so well. We seriously ran out of time just talking about green lines. Thankfully, there were some trends there, too. We really enjoyed

  • Personification used in unconventional ways
  • Specificity! We really noticed lots of specific concrete images, they seemed to be really important in making a “green line.” The maple tops weren’t just trees, the “grain bin” next to a “ladder,” a woman “cutting carrots on a board”
  • Juxtaposition and inversion — poets used  turned the meaning of things on their heads by giving “mythology” to the fig wasp or turning a dead person into nothing by “shimmering atoms” or using make up as a tool to conceal rather than to reveal.
  • Speaking of those women “cutting carrots on a board,” we noticed that writers were sometimes using the craft of the poem to imitate the meaning. Here, we noticed the sharp c, t, d sounds imitated the chopping of carrots. We also talked about the way the long, run-on sentences in a stream-of-consicousness line seemed to imitate what was happening in the poem (the rain on the drainpipe going on and on and on), or the way the imagery seemed to move from velvet (dry and indoors) to the tin roof (wet and outdoors) without stopping in between.
  • We noticed that the titles often help us interpret the poems, such as in the “Case of the Exquisite Corpse”

And lots of other things I’m sure I missed!

If for some reason, you did not get a chance to contribute to our discussion today, please leave a comment here on the blog. You can add your green line and a reason you chose it as a green line. Or you can comment on a green line that someone shared today in class.

Today I also passed out

Please complete these items for class tomorrow. Note that the question “what I look like” on your resume is meant to help your classmates figure out who you are, so that when they want your feedback they can find you to ask for it.

So…Tell us the OBVIOUS things! Like if I described myself, I’d probably say: I’m short, I wear glasses (in various colors), I have boy-short brown hair and I tend to slouch more than I should. I typically wear sweaters and black pants.



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