3/22 – Showing vs. Telling

Daily Warm Up: I’ll ask you to continue your short story from yesterday, about the woman who works as a cleaning lady. Today, I’ll ask you to include a red object of some kind in your story.

Focus for the Day: Today we’re going to look at the difference between “showing” and “telling.” This is a MAJOR skill for both fiction writing and for non-fiction writing. First, I’m going to walk us through a slide show of the four elements of showing vs. telling:

  1. Direct dialogue
  2. Direct action
  3. Free indirect thought
  4. Sensory detail

Experiment for Today: Worksheet, Oh Worksheet. Where have you been? Yes, I’m sorry to say, but to maximize our practice writing, we’re going to do a kind of worksheet. I will give you some TELLING sentences/passages and ask you to change them into SHOWING sentences/passages. We’ll do one together and then you’ll do some on your own.


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