3/25 Character: Exteriority and Interiority

Daily Warm Up: Today is Friday, so we have our read-and-talk warm up. We’ll continue with the section from Elizabeth Gilbert. It’s long (3-4 weeks of readings) but it’s worth it! 😉

Scratch that. This book has been deeply meaningful to me: Gilbert articulates things I have figured out over the last few years of writing professionally, and she’s also inspired me with things I wish I had learned as a young writer.

SO…bottom line, I just (personally) can’t bear continuing to share the book with you. I’ll find something else for our read-and-discuss Fridays. That’s no indictment on you, friends. It’s just how I’m wired. Fair enough?

Focus of the Day: Today our focus is on exteriority (how we communicate what’s happening on the outside of a character) and interiority (how we communicate what’s happening on the inside of a character.

Interiority is one of the major ways we develop VOICE, that amorphous term that determines so much about how and why our fiction is read (or not read).

Exteriority vs Interiority.png

Daily Experiment: One of the ways you can have good interiority on a character is if you KNOW that stuff and you’re drawing from a well of knowledge about your character.

So for today’s experiment, do some thinking about a character you might like to write about. Try answering one of the questionnaires below about your character or write a couple of different scenes in your character’s voice:



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