3/28 -4/1 Fiction Contract Writing

Monday: I’ll pass out contracts and we’ll have a round table about your fiction annotations. Since the large-group round table wasn’t super successful last time (we ran out of time), we’re going to use a combination of large and small group work to get this done today. I’m interested in these four things:

  • Where did you see writers using the skills we talked about last week?
    • Showing instead of telling
    • Believable dialogue
    • Interiority & Exteriority
    • Elements of plot (included or implied)
  • What green lines did you have and why were they green?
  • What else stood out to you about the works you read?
  • How do these writers avoid info-dumps and cliche? What do they do instead?

Tuesday-Friday: You’ll be writing, conferencing, and working on your fiction contracts

About your poetry contracts, it’s always my goal to return your contract work by the end of the next contract week (this gives me two school weeks to respond), so my hope is that you’ll have your poetry work back by Friday.


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