4/11 – Round Table

Today was supposed to be our round table for the annotations. But so few people did the assignment, that we broke that down into smaller groups as people were able to finish. I tried to check in with most groups, and we came up with some common characteristics for this type of writing:

  • It seems to exist at the extremes: really sad, really happy, really ridiculous, really dramatic, really funny stories rather than typical, run-of-the-mill stories. Aerial takes this to mean that her story of bleeding all over her first boyfriend on their first date will make a great creative non fiction story. She’s probably right. 🙂
  • The writers are creative with their language, and seem especially given to metaphor as a way to enrich and give meaning to the narrative.
  • Creative non-ficiton is often not so much about what happens EXTERNALLY, but rather how the writer is making meaning of it INTERNALLY.

I’m pretty disappointed that we didn’t have annotations to use, especially since the assignment was so much smaller than usual. But we did what we could.

I also gave out your final writing contracts for Creative Non-Fiction. I’ll check in with you about these tomorrow.


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