5/2 – Literary Citizenship

Today we’re going to start our Literary Citizens unit.

We’ll talk about the three R’s of literary citizenship:


This is the #1 most important part of being a literary citizen. You must read. It is good for your craft, as we practiced with our mentor texts. But it is also good for your connection to the community of readers and writers out there in the world.

  • Borrowing books or journals from the library
  • Requesting that the library purchase books or subscriptions
  • Buying used books, journals, or subscriptions
  • Buying new books, journals, or subscriptions
  • Pre-ordering books


  • In person, even if it’s a ‘miss’ for a particular reader
  • At library events
  • On social media – the publishing and journalism industries are on Twitter. Tag the author with @ plus that author’s username, and the author can re-tweet.
  • And take recommendations, too–“staff picks” or “best of” lists or “new releases” can all be great places to find your next great read.


  • Review on Amazon
  • Review on Good Reads
  • Link to reviews on social media
  • Follow people whose reviews you admire


…and then we’ll talk money.

It usually comes up when we talk about the three R’s: “Why should I buy a book? I can get it for free online. Authors make a crapton of money anyhow.” Let me call BS on that. Take a look at these breakdowns from Shannon Hale, a bestselling children’s author:



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