11/18 – Mentor Text Work

Boy I was a nervous WRECK yesterday. I forgot to give you your assignment and then I messed up my instructions on Mentor Texts. Forgive me. I’ve been so excited to meet you and start this class that I got jumbled!

So let’s try again.

Today, we’ll start with Daily Warm Up #2: Describe yourself in the third person–your physical appearance and personality–as though you were a character in a book.

Then, I’ll give you your assignment for THIS Monday, 11/21: I’d like you to bring in a PAPER COPY of the best thing you’ve ever written. The thing you’re the MOST proud of, the thing you think you totally NAILED. The trick is, you can only bring in ONE page. So it can be the first page of something longer or it could be a single poem.

Finally, we’ll spend the rest of class continuing to work on finding your Mentor Texts, due next Monday, on  11/28.

  • I’m asking you to find these texts early in the trimester because they are going to be our MENTORS–we’re going to mine them for what they can teach us about writing in the three major genres.
  • We’ll do other activities with the texts and discuss them together, but for now just focus on finding them and pasting them into the assignment on Google Classroom.

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