11/21 – Mentor Texts

Daily Warm Up #3:There is a character holding a blue object. Describe what that character is thinking right now.

Today you’ll continue working on finding your mentor texts. I’m also going to ask you to read a few articles about how to read like a writer:

  • Dean Bakapoulos’s “Straight Through the Heart,” which is only here on the website. If you took my English 10H class, you will have read this essay once before. It’s excellent, though, so no harm reading it again.
  • An excerpt of Steve Peha’s “Read Like a Reader, Read Like a Writer,” which I will also give you on paper (skip the final two pages on the e-copy, except as a visual of what he’s been talking about).

We will be reading our mentor texts exactly as Peha and Bakapoulos suggest! Plan to have a short quiz over these two articles and then to discuss them in class tomorrow.


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