11/28 – Poem Annotating

Daily Warm Up #5: Your friend calls to say she saw you in the back of a police car yesterday. What happened?

Okay. Today we’ll start our first unit: Poetry.

I’ll begin by introducing your homework assignment, due 12/5 at the BEGINNING of class: take the mentor text poems you chose, paste them into your writer’s notebook, and annotate them.

If you have a 504/IEP accommodation that requires typing, let me know and I’ll make different arrangements for you.

For these annotations, I’m not interested in SCHOOL stuff. I want you to annotate them for the “writerly” things we discussed in the readings:

  • Green lines
  • Ideas
  • Organization
  • Voice
  • Word Choice
  • Sentence Fluency
  • Use of conventions

You can see an example (a mediocre one) here:


Then, for the rest of our day, we’re going to do some experiments with playfulness in language.

First, I’m going to read you two children’s books: Freight Train by Donald Crew and Charlie Parker Plays Be-Bop by Chris Raschka. Both of these books do a wonderful job of being playful with language. So then we’ll talk about what makes language playful:

  • Rhyme
  • Rhythm
  • sound – alliteraion, or imitating the content
  • nonsense
  • hyperbole (exaggeration)
  • content
  • repetition
  • simplicity

And your mission? Do likewise. I’d like to ask you to write a PLAYFUL poem for tomorrow. And yes, I’ll be checking it. In fact, I can’t wait to check it!


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