12/15 – Showing vs. Telling Practice

With the late start today, we’re going to just take some time to practice one of the skills we talked about this week, Showing instead of telling. I’ll model it using this sample then give you a chance to try it yourself (scroll to the next page on the sample).

If time permits, and I hope it will, I’ll ask some volunteers to share their rewrites up on the board and we’ll talk about what they did really well.

Follow up–we did get to share and HOLY COW! You people rock. Thanks to Ailsa, Danielle, and Jack who were brave enough to share and did such a great job modeling these skills for us.

Talking to Serena today, I realized that the word ‘telling’ is really misleading. Even when you’re ‘showing,’ you’re technically ‘telling,’ since you’re writing words!

Try to think of it this way. Showing is a way of saying that we want you to focus your STORY. Don’t give your reader information, give them an experience. This means you concentrate on what the characters are…

  • Doing (action)
  • Saying (dialogue)
  • Sensing (imagery)
  • Thinking (free indirect style, metaphor, voice)

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