3/2 – Introduction, Syllabus, & First Warm Up

Today we’ll start with a writing warm up.

There is a Russian proverb, Первый блин комом. It means “the first pancake is a lump.” In other words, the first thing you try to make is inevitably not as great as later things.

Writing warm ups are simply tried-and-true writing prompts meant to help us try things out and get our ideas flowing. They allow us to get some of the “lumps” out of the way before we do the rest of our work for the day. We’ll typically do these warm ups on Monday-Thursday.

Fridays we’ll typically do some readings from craft texts & talk about them as a different kind of warm up.

The rest of the day today I’ll introduce the syllabus for the course and answer questions about it as needed.

I’ll also give you a reminder that starting Monday, you’ll need your WRITERS NOTEBOOKS with you every single day.


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