3/28 – Contract Writing Day 2

Daily warm up: You’re confined to your bed for three months due to a serious illness. What do you miss, and what’s the first thing you’ll do once they let you outside?

Today is our second day of contract writing! Just a few things to think about as we get started.

First, this is hard. I can give you all kinds of mini-lessons, but the first time I set you free and say “start writing,” it can feel nerve wracking and weird and hard. Those are normal feelings because this is the one part I actually can’t “teach.” Writing is hard. The only way to learn to do it is to… do it.

Anatomy of a Good Conference

  • Lasts for a limited time frame (usually five minutes for classroom purposes)
  • Focuses on a specific element of craft or a specific part of the piece
  • Starts with a real question the writer has
  • Gives the writer some specific ideas, approaches or critique to address
  • Emphasizes structural elements like plot, character, and style (vs. line editing)

It is NOT a conference if you put your name up on the board and say “can you read this and tell me what you think?”




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