3/29-3/30 – Contract Writing Days 3 & 4

We’ll continue our contract writing on these two days.

On Thursday, I’m going to introduce some of the procedures for turning in your work. Remember your contract writing is due on Friday by midnight. If you do not have internet access at home, you will need to turn it in before the end of the day.

  • Cover letter – Part 1 of your work is a short cover letter (table) that tells me what you think about your own work.
  • Copy and Paste – I ask you to copy and paste your contract writing into a document I’ve created instead of just adding the document you’ve built. I do this to protect YOU (that makes sure you’ll have a copy of your work that you own) but also to protect ME (it’s much easier for me to find and read this way).
  • Types of Feedback – I ask you to choose which type of feedback you’d like to receive. You need to choose ONLY ONE type of feedback and that’s what you’ll get.
    • Editorial – assesses the structural elements like plot, character, and style
    • Teacher – explains why the paper earns the score it earns
    • Affirmation – focuses on talking about what went well

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