4/10 – Poetry Contract Writing & Metaphor as Defining Feature

For our warm up today, we’ll discuss Sarah Prineas’s visit last week–I want to hear what stood out to you and I also want to gush about how great it was!

This will be our poetry contract writing week. Before we begin, we are going to do two things.

  • We are going to talk about metaphor as a defining feature, something we didn’t get to discuss last week. Robert Frost says that all poetry is — at its core–metaphor. That is, a poem says one thing in terms of another thing. To help us hang on to this concept…
  • We are going to look at the Poetry Contract Rubric and make sure you understand how you are evaluated on your work.

Then you’ll have some time to start your poetry contracts.

Q: Wait! Poetry contract? I don’t even have my fiction contract back yet!

A: TRUE. It is always my goal to give you back your previous contract by the time you hand in your new contract. That gives me two weeks. So you should have them back by Friday or Monday at the latest. ❤


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