Literary Journals/Magazines/Zines

READER BEWARE: The issues of magazines change constantly, and these are professional journals–so the chances that you will happen upon some artwork that may/may not be school “appropriate” is high. If you need a “vetted” list, please let me know.

Poetry, Fiction, and Creative Non-Fiction

  • Best of the Net Anthology – Click on “Finalists” to read the poems. If you find a poem you love in Best of the Net, it’s worthwhile to click over to the specific journal it came from and browse through their archives, as you may enjoy more poems in that particular style.
  • Stirring – one of the longest running online literary magazines in existence
  • Phoebe
  • The Boiler
  • Front Porch – click on the current issue listed (usually like “Issue 30”) or the archives
  • AGNI – you can read only some selections from the larger journal here
  • Atticus Review – click on the genre you’re looking for (poetry, fiction, etc. Note there is currently a “sports poetry” feature running at Atticus Review for those who might find that interesting)
  • Connotation Press – go down to the “written artists” section and click on the genre you’re looking for.
  • Ecotone – click on “current issue” or on the cover of a previous issue to read selections
  • Museum of Americana – scroll down through table of contents
  • Baltimore Review – click on the genre you’d like to browse
  • Lunch Ticket – click on “current issue” or “table of contents”
  • Quarterly West – click on the picture of a writer, if you want to gamble with what you’ll find. Or click on “Issue __ Contents” at the top of the page to select the genre you’re looking for.
  • Sequestrum – based in Iowa City!
  • Adroit Journal – click on “+Issues” to read back issues.
  • Waxwing

Poetry Only

  • American Life in Poetry – This is a weekly column by Ted Kooser that features a different poet each week. Click on “current column” or “column archive”
  • Rogue Agent – poetry of the body
  • Apple Valley Review – scroll down and click on titles of pieces
  • Rhino – Click on one of the cover images to access an issue
  • Hermeneutic Chaos
  • Sixth Finch – click on the landing page cover to access the issue
  • Poemeleon – click on the title of the issue to access the latest issue, or click on “issues” to see a list of themed issues you can explore
  • Tinderbox
  • Thrush – click on the “archives” to browse past issues, click on the posted issue date to read the current issue.
  • A-Minor – click on the word “enter” to see the current issue, click on About/Archives and scroll down to see a list of archived poems.
  • Birdfeast – click on the title to enter the current issue
  • Collagist
  • Redheaded Stepchild – poetry only
  • Red Paint Hill
  • Memorious
  • Juked
  • Linebreak – posts one poem each week
  • Radar Poetry – works with the connection between VISUAL media and poetry, so if you loved our ekphrastic writing experiment, this is similar!
  • Interrupture

Slightly more experimental vibe – don’t know what poetry/fiction/creative non fiction you’ll find here….